Meaningful Visions for Life

Social User Experience Design

Developing products for meaningful use that initiates meaningful experiences is the key to making value. It is important to consider why someone would use a service, an application or a product when we design this product: how it fits in their everyday life with their friends, family, with their values and how they dream their lives are going to be.

Value grows from interaction

User experience is gaining importance in almost all aspects of product development and design concept innovation. Social uses are likewise key to success in the new world of interactive products that connects us with more people and much more complex functionalities. Handling the social user experience as a design material is then an important opportunity for potential new markets, new products and sustainable innovation.

Meaningful Visions for Life is a design consultancy dedicated to this perspective on product and service innovation. As a one-man operation I can collaborate with in-house innovation teams and participate in design work from this perspective. Basically I offer four different types of design consulting depending on the duration of the project and the level and quality of collaboration.

What triggers me in design and innovation of social user experience is the creation of new platforms for human potentials in creativity, collaboration, sharing, doing business, coaching, learning, and living. Meaningful Visions for Life is about designing the life around the objects where we meet in meaningful relations. And making that good business.

The consulting work of MVL is based on my research and PhD-dissertation ‘Designing for Social Interaction' where I describe several concepts that the designer of social spaces needs to be aware of in the design process and when facilitating social situations.

MVL is wholly owned and run by Martin V. Ludvigsen PhD, designer and architect (MAA, mDD) design specialist in the social aspects of interactive products and services, experience modeler and generally a very good guy.